Lessons in Depravity

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Lessons in Depravity

Belmont House Pub. Sex education is a highly controversial subject. The British Government believes that the answer to the teenage pregnancy crisis in the UK lies in providing children with yet more explicit sex education, starting at an even earlier age, with clear guidance on contraception and the 'morning-after' pill.

And to encourage children to use contraception, the Government allows doctors to prescribe contraceptives for unders without their parents' knowledge or consent.

The Content of Their Character: Racism and 5 Lessons in Total Depravity

Opponents argue that sex education is not only ineffective in preventing teenage pregnancies, but that it encourages promiscuity. Lessons in Depravity examines sex education in a historical context. As the story of the sex education movement unfolds, so the link between the messages of the sex educators and the ideology of the sexual revolution becomes increasingly clear.

You go to stories to be less alone. Stories matter. We knew where -- we desperately want to put the stark beauty of the frozen Upper Midwest on film.

This desire, to capture the barren landscape of our childhood on film, was a cinematic reason enough to make this story a movie. We wrote out a hundred ideas on index cards -- everything we thought could be interesting, that we might want to explore in the story. A line of dialogue. A question what does your own butt look like?

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A few decisions were made -- they are strangers, not friends; they got names hello Alan and Jesse. And we started putting them into situations until we got to know them.

Lessons in Depravity

And once we knew them, a story started to form. But more importantly, our love for Alan and Jesse started to form. And our desire for them to find what we are hoping to find for ourselves -- or what we find for ourselves, and lose again, and then look for again.

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A sense of self.