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In reality, few people would ever want to live this way—and, as it turns out, few wolves would either. A lone wolf is a wolf that is searching, and what it seeks is another wolf. Like us, wolves form friendships and maintain lifelong bonds.

Like us, wolves need one another. Read more…. Genetics leaves little doubt that domestic dogs, our canine companions, are descended from wolves. The DNA of any dog is almost exactly the same as that of a wolf.

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You can see a lot of your dog in a wolf and a lot of wolf in your dog. They are both social animals. Just like elephants, gorillas and whales, they educate their young, take care of their injured and live in family groups. The traits that wolves passed on to dogs served us well as we became shepherds and farmers.

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The wolf also passed along to dogs its most indispensable qualities: devotion to its pack, sociability, and a capacity for learning, communication, and expression. In turning the wolf into the dog, we created the ultimate companion, a faithful friend that can understand our intentions even better than our fellow primates can. Both wolves and humans brought unique, complementary talents to a relationship that was based on mutual respect. Several scholars agree that humans learned to hunt from wolves. Knowing all that the wolf bequeathed to our beloved dogs, how strange that we reserve for wolves a special hatred that we hold for no other animal.

Wolves are the dogs that stayed behind, favoring their wild ways. The Social Wolf The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack. Even before Selena Gomez released her new single "Wolves" on Wednesday afternoon, people were speculating the meaning behind the song, which is a collaboration with DJ Marshmello. Over the past week, the singer has been releasing lyrics and teaser trailers for the song on social media. Of course, with the internet being the internet, fans were quick to play detective and get to the bottom of the song's meaning.

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Gomez has always been open about her struggle with Lupus , an autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. In early September, the singer shared on social media that she underwent a kidney transplant due to complications from the disease. Upon announcing the title of her new song, many were quick to think it was about her recent health struggles.

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For starters, this is the first song she has released since announcing her transplant. Second, as any Latin major will tell you, the word "wolf" is "lupus" in Latin.

This connection was initially pointed out in the comments section of Gomez's Instagram posts about the song. Bendiciones para tu vida," someone else wrote in Spanish which translates to, "Hi, I'm Loreley from Argentina.. What about the wolf you mean lupus? I also have LES Blessings for your life". Astronomy enthusiasts were also quick to point out another piece of evidence to this theory.

The starry background featured in the photo may be the constellation Lupus, which lies in the southern hemisphere, according to Constellation Guide. Foreign languages and stars aside, some believe "Wolves" is a simple love song. Listen to the official audio below. Emily DiNuzzo. Facebook Icon The letter F.

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Fans have multiple theories behind the meaning of the song. One theory is that it's about Gomez's struggle with a chronic illness. Others think it has to do with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Some think it's about her current boyfriend, The Weekend. One theory is that the song is about Gomez's struggle with chronic disease. Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'.