Secret Betrayals

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  3. From Brutus to Aldrich Ames, we look at the six biggest betrayals in history..

And I'm having no regrets. The book didn't give you time to breathe before some more drama kicked off. I won't give the synopsis because it already given and when I read reviews it doesn't help me that it was repeat. All I want to know is how the person like the book and if it not mention what does it entail. This one ha This book keeps you glued from the 1st page!

This one has sex,murder,pregnancy, adultry and other things to include the obvious betrayal. I like all the girls but man, this was one mess up group of friends. Even though what Jasmine did was wrong, I could really say I hated her because she didn't know. Once she did she should have stopped but I know it hard to but the brakes on love, she should have tried and come clean though.

Then there is Toya. Mess up yes, but she was straight forward and honest up until the end there. She I really was rooting for her. Chante out of all of them she is the one I couldn't feel sorry for period. She got what she deserved. I wanted to hate Dre but hey, she was and idiot. She took way to many risk and it came back and burn her butt lol you need to read to see just how true that statement really is lol.

I only feel sorry for one person, poor left out Brian. Now I've got to track you down to see if there is a sequel! Read this book, I don't think you will be disappointed. My 4 or 5 ratings are reserved for book that I feel will make me read them again. I will be reading this story again when I need to feel the drama void in my life lol. Nov 07, OOSA rated it really liked it.

Just a Friend? First, there's Chante, who is married to a successful man and has two beautiful children. Yet, Chante has a special friend who may drive a wedge into her happy home. When her secret is revealed, will she allow her family to be destroyed?

The Silver Betrayal

Next, there's Latoya Toya for short. She has lots of special friends and she uses them Just a Friend? She has lots of special friends and she uses them to get what she wants. But, what will happen when true love arrives but the special friend won't let go? Finally, there is Jasmine. When her secret friend is announced to the world, will she be able to do what is right or continue with her ultimate betrayal?

Secret Betrayals

The combination of all these elements leads to action that is steamy and volatile, sultry and explosive. Wilson's story is a very fast read. I found myself fully engaged in the novel from beginning to end. That aside, there were quite a few grammatical errors that proved distracting at times.

Otherwise, it is a good read. Reviewed by: Flashette Dec 10, Dream 4 More Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: author-request-read , book-reviews , drama. Secret Betrayals was a delight to read. I was able to read this book in one sitting as it was filled with twists and turns. At times, I was shaking my head because I could not believe the turn of events. This book had the perfect recipe for disaster and drama when a person mistakes lust for love and gets the two emotions confused. The reader will probably recognize either a part o Secret Betrayals was a delight to read.

The reader will probably recognize either a part of themselves or someone that they know while reading this book because it touches on real life situations.

I could not stop reading this book and I look forward to reading more from Harriet. Betrayal was running rampant all through the pages. The sickest was Jasmine and Josh. Sleeping with and getting preggers by your friends husband is pretty low down. I like Toya, she kept it real the entire book. Some days, we would gist about school, our love lives, family, etc.

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Everyone showed off their boyfriends. Except me. Oh, did I forget to tell you my name? One day, Vera and I were so bored and we had to stroll somewhere to help ourselves out of the boredom. On our way back, a car stopped beside us and offered us a lift. We agreed and entered the car. The guy, who drove the car possibly, the owner of the car was a cutie! He introduced himself as Desmond.

He asked for our names and we told him reluctantly. Funny, I noticed he was more interested in Vera than he is in me. Then he stopped us in front of our logde and drove off his way. Oh, I also forgot to tell you that people loves Vera a lot. Sometimes people just see her and shower her with either cash or gifts. I kept asking what Vera did to get this kind of likeness. Soon enough, I put my mind off it.

Although, I withdraw from her sometimes. What about her social media handle?


On Facebook, Vera has thousands of followers. On twitter, same. On instagram same too. Yet, she is not a celebrity.

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  • Vera is from a poor home. Her dad is a retired civil servant, while her mum is a small-scale businesswoman. Still, I wonder what she posts that gives her this kind of attention. Rebel leader and initiator of the civil war between the northern and southern great houses in the Realms, Damen is the formidable leader of House Stone. Abandoned and left to murder Damen or be stuck in the past forever, Sabrina chooses to impersonate the independent and powerful leader of House Dragon to get close to Damen. Meanwhile Sabrina's daughter Alessia has been sent back in time to meet up with a young Sabrina.

    Together they embark on a journey with Thaddeus and Alessia's father, Stephen, to find the dark heart of the Moonstone. Only by finding the missing shard of the stone can they stop an ancient evil from destroying the Realms.